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Marcia S. Smith’s CRS Publications on the Web

What is CRS?
Marcia Smith’s CRS Reports About Space
Marcia Smith’s Space-Related Testimony to Congressional Committees

What is CRS?


The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a department of the Library of Congress. Unlike other parts of the Library of Congress that primarily serve the public, CRS works exclusively for the members and committees of the United States Congress, providing objective, non-partisan research and analysis on any topic of interest to the Congress. It is essentially a “think tank” for Members and committees who want expert analysis of the issues about which they are legislating, but do not want specific recommendations. The Executive Branch, constituents, lobbyists and many others are not shy about telling Congress what it should do. CRS instead "informs the debate" and helps Congress sort out the alternatives and the pros and cons of various options.


CRS provides a wide range of services to Congress, including publication of general distribution reports that are of broad interest to many Members or committees. By law, however, CRS is not permitted to make these reports available directly to the public; CRS works exclusively for Congress not for the public. However, Members and committees and their staff often make CRS reports available to constituents or other interested parties, and the reports find their way onto the Internet. Organizations such as the National Council for Science and the Environment, the University of North Texas Libraries, and the Center for Democracy and Technology provide access to a large number of CRS reports.


Marcia Smith (the editor of this website) worked at CRS for 31 years (1975-2006) during which time she wrote about 200 reports and articles about the space program, nuclear energy, and telecommunications issues. A few have found their way onto the Internet. In addition, she testified to congressional committees about once a year for many years, and some of that testimony also is available on the Web. The two lists below provide links to her publications or testimonies that concern the space program. She left CRS in 2006, so the information is not current, but may be of interest for historical researchers. Colleagues at CRS took over some of these reports and have written new ones, so for current information, readers may wish to do an Internet search under their topic of interest and “CRS Report” to see what is available.  We endeavor to keep the links below current, but the websites that host these reports are not within our control, so we apologize in advance if you get a "page not found" message.

Marcia Smith’s CRS Reports About Space That Are Available on the Web

(in reverse chronological order)

Marcia Smith’s Testimony to Congressional Committees Available on the Web